We are a property management company that specializes in helping individuals who are facing foreclosure. 


      Our "ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO YOU" program is uniquely designed to help you better than any individual attorney, realtor or property management company, as we bring the cumulative strength of all three into one stream-lined service.  


  • We know how difficult and emotionally challenging it can be to face losing your home or property that you have signficant time and money invested.


  • You need Mainstay Properties LLC to help take over the problems you face without having to worry about how much money and stress it's going to cost you. With our professional team and network of contracted attorneys who represent you, we will customize a "NO COST" solution to meet your specific needs. 


Please click on the "Foreclosure Program" tab on the left to find out more about how our no-cost foreclosure defense services will help you find relief from your foreclosure worries.






Disclaimer note: No information contained in this website in part, or in its entirety, should be considered legal advice. The information provided is only meant to describe the nature of our services, and is not meant to be taken as legal advice. 



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FREE $40 Gift Card

We are so confident in our abilities to help you with your foreclosure needs that we offer a $40 gift card to a resturant of your choice as our complimentary gift to you, even if you decline our services. It's our way of saying "Thank You" for taking the time to let us explain how we can help!

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